Climate change

Climate change

Climate Change Article

The wood used in this chair stores approx 4kg carbon.
Using wood is naturally better for our environment because it helps with climate change in two very important ways.

First, growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store the carbon so
efficiently that about half the dry weight of a tree is carbon. This carbon remains ‘locked up’ for the whole of the life of the wood even when we use it for building products or furniture. It is released into the atmosphere again only when the wood decays or is burnt.

Second, forestry is one of the most greenhouse-friendly sectors of the Australian economy. In fact, it was the only industry sector to be carbon positive in 2005. So increased use of wood in construction will assist Australia in offsetting its overall greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s more, wood is a truly renewable resource because millions of new trees are planted each year
and Australia has a well-established framework to support the conservation and sustainable management of our forests.

So when we choose climate-sensitive wood for house frames, flooring, or furniture we’re also lending a helping hand in climate change.

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